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“Not long ago, a trip to a motel represented nothing less than the privacy for sex.” So begins the Google Translate (Portuguese to English) of the first (and so far the only) entry on the www.lush.com.br/novidades/ (news) page.

Well! As if that wasn’t enough to get our attention, the eye-catching photos definitely are. The (ahem!) hospitality location had for the past 20 years been “one of São Paulo’s most traditional motels”  (although readers are advised that in Brazil, the time-honored tradition is one of “love hotels”), all that’s out the window, as the business undertook a major re-branding effort courtesy local architects Francisco Calio and Fabiola Fera, who handled architecture + interior design, and design firm Niramekko.

Previously known as Côncavo e Convexo, it’s now branded Lush. Niramekko’s job was to translate the architect’s concept into an elegant and ersatz brand that appealed to an upscale market of international traveler — one interested in staying not a few hours, but a few days!

The Web is now brimming with galleries detailing everything from the rooms to the stationery and even flip-flop shoes for guests. We find the color palette as well as the broad integration of design principles inspiring. Good visuals are important in site design, so we thought we’d share.

For a company with its head in the clouds and a fondness for outer space, we can imagine few things as relaxing as a nap in one of these heavenly rooms!  (Galleries: Adweek, BrandingServed/Behanced).