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Gabfire Themes

A wall of Gabfire offerings.

Gabfire offers WordPress solutions to content management challenges, with elegant templates you don’t have to be a codesmith to use.

Gabfire creates premium WordPress themes that are elegant, highly extensible and easy to learn. This company is not our only sourcing for templates, but it is our hands-down favorite. The Gabfire themes are sophisticated and offer a lot of potential for customization. Though these sites are chock-full of extras and offer a slick external presentation, sneak behind the curtain and you will find a very simple user-interface clients can learn in a snap to post their own updates or add live feeds from Twitter, Facebook, photostream and other social media.

You don’t need Web-O-Matic to take advantage of a Gabfire theme. We urge you to visit the company’s site and explore the demos, keeping their offerings in mind as you weigh online options. While Gabfire’s support boards offer a veritible PhD in WordPress development, they are available to registered users only. However, the Gabfire Codex is a rich resource, open to all, and you can get a more informal feel for the company at facebook.com/gabfire.