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A Whole New Way to Engineer Web DNA

DNA-digitaldna-blue_450There are many reasons for wanting a website, and the most important ones have a lot in common. Conveying an image, communicating a message, creating a digital calling card that will help you and your business connect to the right people worldwide.

At Web-O-Matic, our mission is to identify what is compelling about your message and to package that in a stylish, fun, cost effective way.

We think our logo says it all.  It’s with a wink we update some timeless themes: the ease associated with mechanization and a level of care and personal service that hints at nostalgia in today’s one-click world.

Web-O-Matic can take your brand from idea to online in a snap, working from existing content or offering services to generate material from scratch. We are a boutique firm, more interested in producing high-quality creative work than generating volume.

Web-O-Matic got its start in 2011, when Paula Parisi, newly appointed editor of The Equestrian News, wanted an upscale website relaunch at a downtown price. Countless hours on Apache and PHP chat boards ensued, as did marathon sessions devouring books from Sawyer McFarland, Friends of Ed and  anything by Deke McClelland on the Adobe Creative Suite.

The new iteration of TheEquestrianNews.com went live in late 2011, but Paula did not want to stop there! She enjoys the dynamic, mixed-media communications abilities of the web, and wanted others to benefit from her expertise and global support network.  Web-O-Matic is essentially the creative and technology consulting services of Paula Parisi, who is passionate about every project she accepts and will trounce terabytes and leap tall orders in a single bound to make your site sing.