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BlueHands_450We look forward to your inquiry.

To receive a bid, please fill out the attached form and we will get back to you within five business days. To submit an RFP, skip to the bottom of the page.

If you have a general inquiry you can call us or send questions via email.

Paula Parisi



Please tell us about yourself and your project:

  • If you already have a website, or if there is a parent-company website that may be relevant, please indicate.
  • Please share the nature of your business ― i.e., book, boarding facility, media (newspaper or magazine, indicate genre). You can answer in one word or give a short description. Also include the city/state in which you are based.
  • Please indicate whether you have content (photography and written materials) with which to fill your site, or would need to have content generated.
  • Do you have a due date for this project? (Please indicate whether it is a hard deadline or simply an ideal for delivery.)
  • If there are other websites you particularly like, or feel offer a feature that would serve your business well, tell us about them.
  • Add any additional notes.